Associate Membership

Industrial partners who believe OpenAirInterfaceTM to be a suitable tool for deploying their use-cases and wish to benefit from the support of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) for implementing and promoting their work are encouraged to join the Alliance as Associate Members.

Benefits of Associate Membership

The Alliance will engage to facilitate OAI adoption for the projects of its Associate Members in the following ways:

  • Help understand the requirements for the use-case, and provide guidance on how to accomplish the goals and objectives;
  • Provide technical know-how on setting up the environment for the use-case (hardware specifications and software configuration);
  • Guide engineering teams through the OAI code to help accelerate new feature development;
  • Provide dedicated support to your engineering team for issues and bugs met during development;
  • Grant your development project access to the OAI Continuous Integration bench to ensure constant code quality and integrity;
  • Promote your use-case to the Alliance’s member base and beyond.

Outside of the specific dedicated support for the project mentioned-above, our Associate Members benefit from

  • OSA legal board’s expertise for understanding OSA licensing and legal implications;
  • Invitation to OSA internal meetings and events to engage with our Strategic Members and other stakeholders to explore business opportunities;
  • Access to the OAI Alliance social media network, web, and mailing campaigns, and promotion of members directly to international audiences;
  • Invitation to participate in Alliance’s strategic projects alongside Strategic Partners;
  • Invitation to joint initiatives for thought leadership and marketing with bodies where OSA is partner/contributor (Linux Foundation, OPNFV, M-CORD, and others);
  • A discussion forum for understanding innovation initiatives like TIP, ONF, M-CORD, and others how OSA is positioned in relation to these initiatives;
  • Your identity on our Members page, and the ability to add the OSA logo to your website or marketing collateral.
Fee Structure for Associate Membership

The annual fee for Associate Membership fee is 10,000 € (Ten thousand Euros) paid by bank-transfer as donation to the OpenAirInterface Endowment Fund.

For the special case of an organization belonging to the “Micro” Category of Small and Medium Size Businesses (SME) as defined in the European Union Recommendation 2003/361(please read the definition on this link),  the annual Associate Membership fee is 2,500 € (Two  thousand and Five hundred Euros). 

How to become Associate Member?

The membership form that includes the bank account information can be downloaded here. The form, once filled and signed must be sent to for processing. The Alliance’s administration will then send you a “Call for Dues” (“Appel de Donation” in French) corresponding to the membership fee.

Membership rights and responsibilities are also mentioned in the Bylaws of the Alliance. For further information, please write to