Joint ETSI – OAI Workshop: Open Software for 5G

ETSI and the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) in association with EURECOM are pleased to announce the Joint ETSI – OAI Workshop: Open Software for 5G.

Preceded by one day of training and tutorials on the OAI 5G software on 30 June, the Joint ETSI – OAI Workshop: Open Software for 5G will take place on 1-2 July 2020 at ETSI premises in Sophia Antipolis, France.


ETSI and the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance first joined hands in December 2018 to host a joint workshop whose goal was to bring the standardization and open software implementation communities closer together to study collaboration. A year on since that event, open software for 5G is indeed becoming a reality in the OpenAirInterface project and in several other forums such as the O-RAN Open Source Community (OSC) that produces open 5G software standardized by O-RAN.

There has been significant progress on the path towards open software for 5G. On the one hand, the OAI as well as other communities have now delivered 5G software. On the other, efforts are in progress by both researchers and industrial players to use this code and build inter-operable pieces of software working across standardized interfaces. Cloud native developments of 5G are also gaining momentum with the involvement of service providers, vendors, and IT infrastructure players. All these parties are today deploying, testing and benchmarking 5G software in data centers.

These efforts have one single enabler: open 5G software that readily translates technology components that have been freshly standardized into working software components on general purpose hardware, pluggable and playable across standardized interfaces. Depending on the licensing, the resulting platforms can be used for showcasing technology but also for pre-commercial prototypes. The OpenAirInterface project, an earlier leader in open 4G (and now 5G) software, has accompanied this revolution and now seeks to partner with standardization players like ETSI. The goal of this collaboration is to jointly explore a pathway for the coming together of standards and open software. We believe this to be the premise of our 2020 workshop.

About the Event

The event has been designed to debate the vision for the role of open 5G software alongside standardization. We also intend to address matters related to obstacles and difficulties ahead. This implies reflections on governance, legal aspects, and management of open 5G software on its way to market. We shall highlight the importance of collaborating as opposed to competing communities. On the technical front, we shall showcase technology developments in open 5G software.

We invite senior management in industry as well thought leaders in government entities, open source organizations, senior management in standardization bodies, and community members of not only OpenAirInterface but also other collaborative software development organizations in the broader 5G software arena to attend the workshop. The event will provide speakers and attendees alike a tremendous opportunity to share their view of the complementarity between standards and open software and how to grow support for bringing the two closer.

Call for Participation and Demonstrations

We believe that this event is a unique opportunity to share and promote one’s vision in the area of open 5G software. The Program Committee is therefore currently inviting industry leaders with a stake in standardization or related software projects (ETSI, 3GPP, O-RAN, TIP and others), innovators, open source organization executives, as well as engineering practitioners working in the field of 5G wireless prototyping and research, to submit proposals to speak at the workshop.

Highly visionary proposals will be considered for keynote presentations.

Proposals on the following topics are welcome:

    1. Use-cases and business models enabled by open 5G software
    2. Interworking of standardization and open software
    3. Suitable licensing models for open 5G software for standardization
    4. Technical topics: Prototyping of 5G wireless technologies based on OpenAirInterface and other open projects: 5G RAN, 5G Core Network, Cloud-Native Deployments, 5G-IoT, Management and Testing Environments
    5. Demonstration session: Showcasing of open software-based 4G/5G technology solutions (limited to 10 demos)

The last item (5) above is Call for showcasing/demonstration of technology based on open software. The workshop will host selected high-quality demos of open 5G software based solutions. Kindly submit your demo proposal. Note that we have limited space for demos.

Should you be interested to submit a proposal for a keynote, talk and/or demonstration, please fill in the presentation submission form and send it to the Program Committee by 30 March 2020.

Important Dates

30 March 2020: Deadline for submission of keynotes and technical presentations in the first four tracks
30 April 2020: Deadline for submission of demo proposals (track 5 above)

Program Committee Members

Irfan Ghauri (OpenAirInterface Software Alliance)
Ultan Mulligan (ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability)
Yuko Akiyama (FUJITSU)
Douglas Knisely (QUALCOMM)
Christian Gallard (ORANGE)
Laurent Roullet (NOKIA BELL-LABS)
Abhimanyu Gosain (PAWR)
Florian Kaltenberger (EURECOM/OSA)
Raymond Knopp (EURECOM/OSA)
Adrian Scrase (ETSI)
Silvia Almagia (ETSI)

5G Technology Demonstrations 

The workshop will host 10 selected OpenAirInterface demonstrations, showcasing newly-developed 5G features and use-cases from the project. Advanced implementations in step with or in advance of the latest releases of standards are also welcome to underline how open platforms can serve as a pre-standardization study tool. If you wish to show a live demonstration of your work at the workshop, you are welcome to submit a proposal using the demo submission form by 30  April 2020.

The demonsrtations will take place on 1-2 July 2020, in parallel with the workshop.

Pre-Event Training – 30 June 2020 

A one day pre-event training will take place on 30 June 2020.

We are reformatting our training! The OAI training, addressed to engineers and software developers, will comprise hands-on work on the EURECOM OpenShift based data-center. The training will cover OpenAirInterface 5G stack as well as 5G Core Network components and the CICD environment and will allow participants new to OpenAirInterface as well as seasoned user to understand its functions, features and discover the OAI cloud native deployment on the EURECOM data center. We shall provide more information on the training shortly.

Objectives of the training

  • Understand 5G OAI code architecture, development environment, and learn what 5G Non-Stand Alone and Stand Alone features have been implemented in OAI;
  • Kick-start working on the OpenAirInterface 5G software platform;
  • Cover basic software elements, installation and start-up procedure, brief overview of current test framework and deployment possibilities of the platform;
  • Hands-on training focusing on OAI cloud native deployment in our data-centre under the Kubernetes environment.
  • Learn OAI DevOps and CI/CD frameworks


Participants to the workshop can register through this link.

Call for Sponsorship

We are inviting sponsorship from industries and government agencies including the leading players in 5G. Various levels of sponsorship are possible. Based on the sponsorship level, the industrial sponsor will have access to opportunities for showcasing its 5G technology in our demo space at the event and a number of free registrations to the event. We are open to other suggestions from sponsors as well.

You are invited to be part of this exciting event and actively contribute to the success of the Joint ETSI-OAI Workshop. Your support is very important to the event organizers. Please contact us at

Accommodation and Local Information

ETSI provides a thorough overview of the local accommodation, transport and other logistics. Negotiated special rates with local hotels are also available.

Please find out more about all these topics, please chick here.

Visa Information

Attendees to the workshop requiring visas can request invitation letters through this web form.