Our People

Executive Committee Members

Christian Bonnet

Christian is Professor in the Communication Systems Department at EURECOM.
He participated in the definition of the programming language ADA and in the implementation of the first European ADA compiler within ALSYS. In 1987 he was appointed Director of the Real Time Department of GSI Tecsi, and responsible for the R&D European IST projects.
He served as Head of Department of Mobile Communications Department at EURECOM. Prof. Bonnet’s expertise are in the areas of radio communications, value added networks and real time systems. He was the co-creator of the Mobile Radio project at EURECOM that gave birth to the greatly successful OpenAirInterface Platform.
Christian is the President of the OSA.

Raymond Knopp

Raymond is Professor in the Communication Systems Department at EURECOM.
He received his PhD degree in Communication Systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne. His current research and teaching interests are in the area of digital communications, software radio architectures, and implementation aspects of signal processing systems and real-time wireless networking protocols.
He has a proven track record in managing both fundamental and experimental research projects at an international level .
Raymond serves as General Secretary of the OSA.

Ulrich Finger

Ulrich received an Engineering degree from the University of Stuttgart and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Networks from Telecom Paris.
He conducted research in Computer Science at Centre National d’Etudes des Télécommunications (C.N.E.T.), Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France, and later served as Head of the Computer Science Department at Telecom Paris.
In May 1997, he became President of the Advisory Board of Eurecom. Ulrich Finger is a member of IEEE, ACM and IFIP. He holds nine patents and is author of numerous papers in leading scientific conferences and journals.
Ulrich serves as board member of the OSA.

David Gesbert (IEEE Fellow)

David is head of the Communication Systems Department, EURECOM.
After his Ph.D at TelecomParis Tech in 1997, he has been with the Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, a founding engineer of Iospan Wireless Inc, San Jose, CA., a world pioneer for MIMO-OFDM, and with Univ. Oslo.
He has published about 250 papers and 20+ patents in the area of communications systems. He was recently named a Thomson-Reuters Highly Cited Researchers in Computer Science. Since 2015, he holds an ERC Advanced grant on “Smart Device Communications”.
David serves as board member of the OSA.

Florian Kaltenberger

Florian is Assistant Professor in the Communication Systems Department at EURECOM.
He got his PhD degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Vienna University of Technology. He has been working in the wireless research for the past ten years. He is an active member of the OpenAirInterface 5G software radio team that he has lead technically in the PHY layer work.
Florian is skilled in MIMO, Matlab, Wireless Technologies, LTE, and Digital Signal Processing. Florian oversees R&D activities at the OSA especially in the PHY and MAC layer.
Florian serves as board member at the OSA.

Catherine Betrancourt

After graduating in budget and financial auditing, Catherine worked both in industry and financial auditing firms.
She joined EURECOM on January 1st, 1993. She is the Secretary General of EURECOM and also acts as special adviser to the Director on administrative matters. She oversees all of EURECOM’s administration services.
Her main tasks are the definition of EURECOM’s strategic plans and their implementation from a financial, human or organizational point of view; the definition of the Institute’s human resources management and the supervision of the implementation of the social policy.
She serves as Treasurer of the OSA.

Strategic Members

Yuuko Akiyama

Yuuko is Senior Manager at Fujitsu Limited.
She joined Fujitsu Limited in 2005 and since has served in various leadership roles in software development for telecommunications.
Currently she is leading a project on base station software development for the carrier network.
Her current interests are related to network softwarization and the software and network architecture development for 5G.
Yuuko is the board member of the OSA for Fujitsu.

Pierre Bonnard

Pierre started his carrier in Telecommunications in 1994 for the Alcatel research center where he conducted research programs on mobile phones communication and application layers.
Before joining TCL he co-founded ideXlab a start-up devoted to making Open Innovation the new paradigm for research.
Pierre is now in charge of 5G research at TCL where he manages internal and partners efforts to build a 5G innovation ecosystem and contributions to the standard. Pierre graduated from ESNPM in 93, INPG in 94 in Physics and Electrical Engineering.
Pierre is board member at the OSA representing TCL.

Christian Gallard

Christian graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’électronique de l’Ouest (ESEO) in 1996.
From 1997 to 2000, he was with Matra Communications and from 2000 to 2002 with Philips. From 2002 to 2004 he was involved in speech processing, UMTS FDD and MIMO. He joined France Telecom in Dec. 2004 where he researched WiMAX and LTE. Later he was involved in broadcasting (DVB-T2, DVB-NGH, projects B21C, ENGINES) and later collaborative research M3 (Mobile Multi-Media) project.
Today at Orange, he is leading research activities in connectivity for wireless broadband services.
Christian is member of board at the OSA representing Orange.

Henk Heijnen

Henk is an experienced professional with a broad 20 years long HW + SW experience coming from various positions as system engineer, technical expert and project manager.
He has a strong multicultural experience through involvement in both EU-level projects and subcontracting management in Bangalore, India.
His main expertise are in the ares of Telecom (Wireless modems, PSTN, networking, 4G, 5G as well as smallcells). He represents Technicolor, a Strategic Member to the Alliance.
Henk is board as member of the OSA representing Technicolor.

Laurent Roullet

Laurent is currently leading the End-to-end Mobile Networks Virtualization & Verification research group at Nokia Bell Labs, located in Paris-Saclay.
He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and then from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace, Toulouse.
His expertises cover Cloud, SDN & NFV, LTE, RAN, Self Organized Networks, DVB-SH, DVB-H, IP Networking, Broadcast and Satellite Systems.
His company, Nokia Bell-Labs, is a Strategic Member of the Alliance.
Laurent is board member at the OSA representing Nokia Bell-Labs.

OSA Staff

Irfan Ghauri

Irfan holds an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a PhD in Electrical Engineering.
Till date he has founded two startups in his career, the first in Wireless Communications and the second in Collaborative Economy. He has also held Management roles in the corporate environments for fifteen years especially in funding advanced research.
He specializes in the art of the Start and has expertise in launching and accelerating embryonic projects. He is an ardent believer in the Technology of Management and is passionate about turnarounds through Business Model Design and Innovation. At the Alliance his role is evangelization and development of the OAI.
He is Director of Operations at the OSA.