The OpenAirInterfaceTM Software Alliance (OSA) is a non-profit consortium fostering a community of industrial as well as research contributors for open source software and hardware development for the core network (EPC), access network and user equipment (EUTRAN) of 3GPP cellular networks. The Alliance sponsors the initial work of EURECOM to create OpenAirInterfaceTM towards development of 5G Cellular Stack on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware. Read more…


Why OpenAirInterface Software Alliance?


Our Vision: Facilitating OpenAirInterface Adoption

We realize that the community working with the OpenAirInterface software is diverse and has goals ranging from prototyping, proof-of-concept, testing, to using OpenAirInterface components for commercialization. We believe that newer uses of OpenAirInterface software will be in support of standardization and as independent open software for validation and interoperability. As these use-cases of OpenAirInterface keep increasing and mature, the Alliance will keep striving to provide stable, tested, high-quality code with complete feature-set to the OpenAirInterface community in accordance with its vision of Facilitating OpenAirInterface Adoption.

News and Events


Jan 19

Renault joins the OSA as the first automotive industry partner

Renault, the Paris based automobile industry player today joined the...
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Dec 18

Joint ETSI-OSA Workshop – Public Presentations Available

Thanks for having joined us at the Joint ETSI -...
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Oct 18

ULAK Haberlesme from Turkey joins the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance

ULAK Haberlesme, an Ankara based company, carrying out R&D and...
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