How to Contribute

Here are the important steps for reporting a bug/contributing to the software:

  1. Read the OpenAirInterfaceTM (OAI) Licensing Model and sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement(s) (iCLA).  Please make sure you are authorized to work on OAI from your current employer. You still need to sign the iCLA even if your employer is a member corporation of the alliance. The above two licenses must be signed before your commits are included in the main repository.
  2. Create account on Gitlab and send an email to openair_tech (at) eurecom (dot) fr to be added to the repository.
  3. If you wish to contribute to the OAI documentation on Gilab wiki, then please email to openair_tech (at) eurecom (dot) fr to sign the licence agreement and request for account access on Gilab wiki.
  4. Follow the coding guidelines and Gitlab workflow here.
  5. Work closely with the OAI community to ensure periodic review takes place with them so you code can be merged to the main repository.
  6. Use Gitlab for collaborative development, bug fixing, feature requests, etc.