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Welcome to openairinterface.org

OpenAirInterface is an open-source based experimental research initiative and open-forum for innovation in the area of digital radio communications. It was created by the Mobile Communications Department at EURECOM based on its experience in publicly-funded R&D carried out in the context of collaborative research projects (French ANR, Pole de Compétitivité  and European Framework programs). It targets demonstrating innovation in the following subject areas :


Real-time Radio Signal Processing

  • Hardware/software architectures in support of real-time signal processing (Software Radio, multi-processor system-on-chip)
  • Algorithmic optimizations at the PHY layer

All-IP Wireless Networking

  • All-IP Cellular mobile network protocols (IPv6 basestation routers, IPv6 mobility management)
  • IP/MPLS Protocols adapted to MESH topologies
  • Layer 2 Protocols (MAC scheduling, Radio Resource Control, Radio Link Control) for cellular and mesh network topologies
  • Proxy Mobile IPv6 for Mobile Node management


Agile RF System Design

  •  Wideband radio design, linear wide-dynamic range receivers
  • "Intelligent" RF (RF/DSP co-design)

Design and Simulation Methodologies

  • Efficient simulation methods (performance, functional and behavioral)
  • Abstraction techniques (hardware modelling, PHY sub-system modelling, traffic modelling, etc.)
  • RF emulation architectures for distributed real-time simulation of wireless networks

Propagation and System Measurements and their Analysis (eMOS)

  • Wideband channel characterization and modelling
  • Real-time measurement collection and offline emipirical performance analysis


Cognitive Radio

  • Development of innovative techniques based on sensor networks, that will support the coexistence of licensed and unlicensed wireless users in a same area
  • Design, dimensioning and internetworking of cognitive networks


OpenAirInterface's primary goal is to be a step ahead of emerging industrial air interface standards such as LTE and 5G  in terms of spectral, algorithmic and protocol efficiency. At the same time we strive to demonstrate innovation in high-performance embedded computing architectures based on open-source design tools. And finally, we aim to innovate in system development and analysis methodologies, such as validation tools for wireless system, abstraction models for the different entities in a wireless communication device, protocol validation, testing and performance analysis.


The development described and made available by openairinterface.org (both hardware and software!) should not be considered as a complete system solution, in the sense that an operator could download the software, purchase the hardware, and subsequently deploy a large-scale network. It can be used to deploy reduced-scale test networks in order to demonstrate and teach innovative ideas through experimentation in a realistic radio propagation and application scenario. Thanks to its open-development policy and implication by industrial partners, it is hoped that some parts may influence the evolution of industrial wireless standards.


For an overview presentation of openairinterface.org and our 4G/LTE SDR implementation : here and the corresponding presentation : /here.


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Open Air Interface was created by the Mobile Communications Department at EURECOM based on its experience in publicly-funded R&D carried out in the context of collaborative research projects (French ANR and European Framework programs).